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Valentine's Day Part 2

I am proud of myself lately because I feel like I am growing in experience handling all aspects of Leila and Masami.

From their personal care, to set design, choosing photos for our next post and lighting tricks, I am feeling more and more comfortable with this project. I really wish I could spend all of my time working on, but unfortunately have other obligations.

I struggled putting together this post due to not feeling well for the past week. I came down with the flu, so I can’t say this post is among my best works.

My little, ‘thug-ette’…

As stated in Valentine’s Day Part 1, it was time for Masami to have some work done. As seen above, Masami painted her nails with the nail kit she got for Christmas. Leila convinced her to go to long eyelashes, and she surprisingly agreed. Masami prefers short eyelashes, but allowed Leila to glue on new ones.

So far, I have only chosen one of the two outfits for the girls to wear on the Part 3 post. I had Leila model in it with a few different wigs.

Leila loved the wine wig the best for this short photo shoot. I did a lot of different lighting changes and camera positioning. I found the perfect pair of shoes for the outfit, but they were too big.

This was the first time I have ever altered a pair of shoes in my life. Not too bad, and they really completed this outfit.

With Masami now fully onboard with all that Leila and I do, I have been focused on making more memes of the two. The only thing needed is more photos of Masami!

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