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Valentine's Day Part 3

Valentine’s Day is finally here, Leila and Masami wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! The girls chose, and wore their day outfits.

As I began photo-shoot prep work, the girls decided to spend time playing cards. They both like five card draw, jokers wild. I’d say these two are pretty well evenly matched in the game of poker.

After the poker game, I wanted a couple of shots with Leila and her Valentine’s Day bear. This was followed by the official holiday-card photoshoot.

I finally not only chose the second outfit for our ‘sexy’ shoot, but at the last second I changed my mind. With her new eyelashes and new nails, I felt best to have Masami wear the leopard bikini outfit.

This is the most cooperative I have ever seen Masami being when it comes to being photographed. So much so, is why it is fitting for her to close out this post.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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