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Ghetto Nachos

Leila:  Hi lovelies!  Well, I guess the “we’ll be back soon” speech has already been made.  This is our 105th post, but we are going to have to extend the next time we make a new post.


Masami:  What Lays is trying to say is that we may be moving to a new place sooner than expected.

Leila:  And also, Chazy will likely get a new job.  He no longer works for his company because of…

Masami:  Our T.M.I. pact, sis.



Leila:  Oh yah, I almost forgot.  Well, any ol’ wayz, a new location for all of us and a new job for Chazy.

Masami:  We have only been in this home for about four years.

Leila:  Right.  But Chazy has been in this place for about eleven years.

Masami:  We have all agreed that a new place and a new adventure may be in order.

Leila:  Packing up and moving does stink, but when we all agree on something, it gets put into action.

Masami:  Since we have not done much in new material, we figured we would post a bunch of random pictures of the work we have done.

Leila:  It started out as just a break from how often we have been posting.  Generally, it has been every two weeks.  But with Chazy coming home super tired from work for quite a while now, it is just as well that we are going to extend this break.

Masami:  Since July of 2023, Chazz has not been able to keep his eyes open three and a half hours after work.

Leila:  Yes!  This is what at least I believe that has caused new and terrible health conditions for him.

Masami:  We have been doing a lot more advertising work lately, and getting our name out there more.

Leila:  We have met new friends, and are still our fun-loving selves!  In other news, I made what is called Ghetto Nachos last week and it is DELISH!

Masami:  It is now a family favorite.

Leila:  Yes it is!  It is almost perfected, but just like always, we work as a team when we all agree on something.

Masami:  You mentioned new health conditions, sis?

Leila:  Oh yes!  The last year and a half has been very rough for Chazy.  We have written about his back going out for six weeks on here, issues with his leg, collapsing episodes, digestion issues, fast beating heart and so on.

Masami:  And you of course are nurse Leila for him.

Leila:  Of course silly, hahaha!

Masami:  Chazz does have friends and previous co-workers who do look out for him, as he always does for them in return.

Leila:  Yes.  Chazy currently has three or four possibilities for a new job and home.  I think we should get a bigger apartment, honestly.

Masami:  That will just give you an excuse to buy more shoes and clothes.

Leila:  Maybe…

Masami:  No maybe, truth.

Leila:  But a bigger place will also give us more room to have new setting arrangements!

Masami:  That is true.

Leila:  Well lovelies, it is time for us to go for now.  We just didn’t want you to give up on us!

Masami:  Lazy butt is right.  We do not wish to be dismissed, no matter what happens.

Leila:  You are such a bitch!

Masami:  Hahahaha!

Leila:  Just ignore her and she will go away!  Any ol’ wayz, here is our Ghetto Nachos recipe!

Leila:  I made my own, home-made "Ghetto Nachos".  This actually does exist and is a real term, I just finally did my own version of it.


I have done this twice, and I feel close to perfecting it.


Cook steak; top sirloin I think is best.  I prefer salt and garlic salt at the least on my steak.  Cook chicken; raw breasts or chicken tenders, also my preference.  Thaw out extra large shrimp.


Slice and dice the steak and chicken, and dice up the shrimp.  In a glass casserole dish, spray Pam, add 1/3 cup of water.  Pour all the meat in that, and cover in foil.  I made about a dozen holes with a toothpick, then baked that for 45 minutes on 350F.


At 10 minutes to go, that is when I added a bunch of sharp cheddar cheese, then let cook to finish.


Now, with the doritos of your choice (I love cool ranch), put those on a plate and put as much meat and cheese as you want!


*Never add the doritos to cooked meat unless you plan on eating it all in one sitting.  The meat can be re-heated later.


I love boiler onions, and will prep and dice those on my third attempt.



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