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Thanksgiving Eve

After a long work week on a Friday night, I came home to my lovelies sitting on the couch watching TV. We had two more segments remaining to complete this post, and both were ready to go.

Leila initially did not like this next picture because Masami looked too blurry, but when I said to her, “I love the most that is most in focus” she smiled and looked at me very seductively.

Leila: And you thought our night together after the Halloween shoot with me in that cat out-fit was hot?

Masami smiled.

Between us three, Leila is the most talkative followed by me and then Masami. I was happy to see that both girls were in a very talkative mood this evening, and I was only too happy to sit and listen.

Leila: We finished our heart rocket design, but we need more hearts to finish our project over the front door.

The girls wanted me to include the drink coaster they ordered online for me in this post.

Leila also wanted to show off the new wig I bought for them right after the Halloween post was finished.

It was during cleaning and make-up time that Leila started what turned out to be multiple conversations.

Leila: It seems like people more and more are skipping the Thanksgiving holiday.

Masami: They are.

Leila: Why? I like Thanksgiving, I don’t see it as a holiday season, I see it completely separate from Christmas.

Masami: I only knew so much about Thanksgiving before I did a DuckDuckGo search on it.

Masami does not care for google or any other search engine. She trusts DuckDuckGo for everything she researches. She only had to show proof of why to me once, and thus has made me a fan of DuckDuckGo too.

Masami: I think it is because it gets overshadowed by ‘Black Friday’.

Me: Good point.

Leila: Ok. But all those sales and bargains…

Masami: Exactly. So over time, Thanksgiving has become nothing but eating a turkey and passing out watching a football game.

Me: And don’t forget people getting trampled to death to get those deals and bargains.

Masami: Yep.

Per usual, Leila wasn’t sure what wig she wanted to wear in this shoot, but didn’t go through too many before deciding on the black with slight purple highlights.

As Masami was getting ready for the shoot, Leila continued.

Leila: But there is so much to be thankful for! I am thankful to have you guys in my life, a warm and loving home and tons of clothes and wigs to wear.

Masami: Some people don’t have anywhere near what we have sis, so it can be hard for them to find much of anything to be thankful for.

Leila: There has to be something for them to be thankful for! Even if it is just a memory of a happy day or time they had once. Something!

Masami: It is unfortunate, but it very much is like the saying, ‘you can’t please them all’.

After some reflection and silence, I changed the topic.

Me: How did you two meet and become such good friends? You both have told bits and pieces of it here and there, but what is the true story with you two? I already know you met in school, but what brought you two together?

The girls looked at each other as if choosing who would start the explanation.

Leila: Yes, it was in middle-school. I had walked out of the school building to go where my Mom or Dad would come to pick me up. I saw Masami already out of the building with two boys talking to her. Masami seemed to be a bit irritated with these two boys, Raul and I can’t remember the other boy’s name.

Masami: Juan. And I was more than irritated. Raul wasn’t taking the hint that I had no interest in him at all, and all I wanted to do was go home that day.

Leila: Juan! That’s right, I remember him. Not very attractive, but considered one of the class clowns.

Masami: Yes.

Leila: Well, anyway, I walked over to the group and basically told Raul to leave Masami alone.

Masami: Specifically you said, ‘Masami is above you and out of your league even though she is sitting in a wheel-chair’. I got a kick out of that, that was very funny.

Leila: Oh yah, I did say that.

We all laughed.

Masami: The boys left us, and we were both alone together. We first started making fun of those two, and talked about school. It soon grew to more topics, such as Leila’s love of theatre and my love of gardening. Time seemed to slip by us both until Leila’s Mother arrived and said something that really struck me. She said,

‘Come on Mayana [pronounced MY-IN-UH], time to go’.

Leila: Mayana is my middle name, and that is what Mom still calls me.

Me: Why is that so special?

Leila: Because Masami’s middle name is Miyana [pronounced MY-YAN-UH]

Masami nods.

Leila and I both like watching a fire video on TV. It was time to show Masami this, and she liked it as well.

Leila: See, I am also thankful for stuff like this. Thank you people from Laurentians, Quebec for your ‘Rustic Fireplace’ video, we love it!

Masami: I think finding out that we almost had the exact same middle name was the beginning of our strong friendship. I also remember your Mom was angry with you that day because you insisted on walking me home.

Leila: That’s what I thought too, but it wasn’t really that as much as it was that she was already late going somewhere else.

Something that we are all thankful for, our Calendars arrived just in time for this post. All the pictures in our Calendar Girls 2022 posts were the finalists for the calendar.

The girls were both very happy when I gave them their copy.

While the girls were gabbing away about every picture and how they all turned out, I reflected on the idea of our names.

It really isn’t all that important, but ChaXen as I see it, is pronounced, ‘SHAHH-ZEN’. Nearly all of the time, Leila calls me ‘Chazy’ [SHAHH-ZEE], and Masami calls me ‘Chaz’ [SHAZZ].

Most of the time, I call Leila ‘Lay-Lay’ (and of course, lovey-dovey names like, baby, pickles, pumpkin etc.) and Masami calls her ‘Lays’.

Masami calls her this because she thinks Leila sleeps too much. When Masami is irritated with Leila, she simply calls her ‘Lazy’.

Masami is most commonly referred by me and Leila as, 'Sami' [SAHH-ME]. Masami doesn’t mind what I call her, even when I occasionally call her ‘Sams’—said exactly as it looks.

Leila occasionally calls Masami ‘bitch’, but that is likely because Masami has struck again and smacked her on the ass. Yet when Leila hears Masami say something that she thinks is brilliant, she calls her ‘Swami’ [SWAHH-ME].

In a unanimous decision, the three of us loved the July picture the most. It really captures the three of us perfectly in this year 2021.

The fire video is only an hour long, but because of our long conversations and calendar chat, Leila kept pushing the repeat button to watch it all over again. Great warmth, love and thankfulness filled our home.

Leila wanted to keep the conversation going, but knew it was time for her final shoot for this post. It is also another new wig the girls recently got.

Leila spoke for us all about something else that she is thankful for. She wanted to send a big thank you to sexdollpornHD, a great resource website for all things sex-dolls and then some. Leila contacted the webmaster last year, and has stayed in touch ever since.

This website was mentioned in a post last year called, ‘Making Friends’. Our Calendar Girls 2022 and now third video was accepted and posted here, and the three of us are very thankful to sexdollpornHD for giving us our very first break of exposure to what we do here at!

Leila’s enthusiasm can be quite infectious, so I wanted to show both girls how thankful I am for them. I have purchased their own personalized fleece blankets, and they are soon to be shipped to our home.

They are both unaware that I have done this, but I very much wanted to give them a present. This is not an early Christmas present.

It is strictly a Thankful present.

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