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I will be as brief as I possibly can here, as I have a tendency to write a lot. When sex dolls first came out, I was curious about them. Yes, there were masturbators of all kinds and shapes, blow-up dolls were available as well as pocket vaginas. Yet when I saw a full-blown, full-sized woman from head to toe; not just her body or the way she looked, but options such as actual clothing, make-up and jewelry additions, my attention was aroused! But ten thousand dollars?!? Not with the money I make, no way!

I was excited that I could change her hairstyle; I could change her hair color. I could bend her in any position I could think of at any hour of the day no matter what day it was. I could bring her up from the bed or wherever she was, and do a spontaneous photo shoot. I could do a live pornographic video if I wished. I could simply have her sit on my lap, and watch tv with me whenever I wanted, but I never could acquire that amount of money.

I recently was struck by my thoughts on the concept of a hobby. I have a remote-control boat. It is just over two feet long, and there is a small body of water that I can play with it on. It is entertaining to do on a good and calm day, and doing this is a release from my worries for a while. It sedates perhaps, things that may or may have upset me, have made me re-think some things in my life or just something to do outside the norm. This all constitutes my boat being simply a hobby.

Then the idea of a sex doll. All of my aforementioned boat hobby also applies to a sex doll. I can do videos and pictures of her in various poses, wearing multiple sexy clothes and hair styles, shoes and outfits, lighting and effects; like an on-call super-model outside simply one thing that defines in my belief the difference that this doll may not be simply a hobby. Rather, one thing that perhaps makes her one step above 'just a hobby'. If I did nothing except have sex with her; forget buying her clothes, jewelry, sexy outfits, photo-shoots etc. Strictly just sex with her does satisfy one of our natural instincts and urges. My boat can't do that for me.

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