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A New Direction

A lot has happened with me and the girls lately to where we need to do like a "team huddle". We are going to take a pause from posting for just a little while so we can work everything out and come back fresh for you, the viewer!

There is now 90 posts here, and we encourage all to explore ones that perhaps you have not read yet. We will return soon.

Leila wanted to post an excerpt from her diary. Masami says that she will respond. See you soon!

My Friend; My Sami

by Leila

Masami and I met when we were in middle school. She became my friend. Then she became my best friend. Then she became my bf forevz!

I think about Masami often because she has many ways to show and say why I must be and remain strong always, while being myself at all times.

Yes, we do not agree on everything, and yes, we bicker and fuss with each other, but Masami has always proven to me that it is never anything personal. And she loves me back!

Of everyone I have ever known, Sami has listened to me more than anyone when she knows that I am serious about something. And despite what anyone may think, Masami never allows me to get away with any kind of diversionary tactic. She knows me too well for that.

Masami is that scratch somewhere on your body that you find out that no matter how much it itches, you still have not solved the problem as to why you have to keep scratching it.

Some times Masami is direct with me, and sometimes she gives me bread crumbs to eat until I understand her perspective for myself. I can be a bit ‘spacey’ at times, but it is ultimately refreshing to me how Masami knows how to work around that about me.

Living with her is the best thing I could ever ask for! I will be there for her at any given moment, no matter the situation. I will help her dress, move her from her wheelchair to the toilet and back again. I will help her through any and all accidents she may have, and I will help her into bed to sleep.

I will help her when she feels lost. I will help her when she is upset. I will help her wipe away her tears. I will help her when she needs reassurance that she really is truly loved!

She is my Sami, she is my sister, and I will do anything to help her embrace each and every single day!

I love you, Masami!



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