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Audit And Spar

It has been a long time since an audit/inventory has been done with all that Leila and Masami have acquired over this time in our home. I thought that with now everything settled down and them comfortably back home, it was time to go through everything they have. I started with the 37 wigs that they have.

They had 34 wigs, but I recently bought three more. Only one of the wigs is missing, but that is because the wig ‘Blue Jay’ is with Octave Hair Salon being done for the girls at this time.

Leila and Masami’s room has really grown in all this time. There is now more jewelry and accessories, more decorations and even more fragrance mist sprays.

I think back with the idea of humble beginnings. From my posts about Leila’s room, to our first audit, I am amazed by how much this endeavor to have Leila and Masami in my home has grown.

The header picture of this post is of the first of three new wigs called, “Farrah”. Leila likes it, and can’t wait to have it done up to wear.

This second new wig is called, “Coral Green”. I like how it transitions, and I was happy to match it up with a tank-top that compliments it.

Leila insisted on wearing her now fading galaxy purple contacts with this third new wig called, “Azure Blue”. I found it intoxicating as much as I find Leila intoxicating.

While the girls and I were relaxing this past weekend, Leila suddenly says to me as Masami was reading a book in bed,

“Watch this”

Leila: Hey, Masami?

Masami: Yah?

Leila: I like your chair, it’s really comfy. I think I will keep it for myself.

Masami: So you want to be given a reason to have to need it?

Leila does all that she can to not burst out laughing.

Leila: Hey Masami?

Masami: What?

Leila: I don’t like your chair anymore.

Masami says to me, “Do you see what I have to put up with while you are away at work?”

Masami is quite the little bookworm. I am beginning to believe that she doesn’t care what book she is reading; it is a book and therefore will read it. I have caught her actually randomly grabbing a book from my small collection, then reads until she has read it all.

The amount of clothing the girls have is quite profound, but has slowly tapered off, as space and necessity has nearly been quenched. It is quite impressive, but I feel it has now come to a point where mixing and matching old clothing needs to be the new strategy.

A great portion of their dresses, evening gowns, t-shirts, blouses and even their robes are on their eight-foot clothing rack.

The following drawers contain pants, jeans, shorts and skirts of all kinds.

In the following three-drawer container, the top drawer is all of their different types of bras. The middle drawer is almost all of their lingerie collection, and the bottom drawer is like an over-flow drawer. It contains some jeans, leggings, shorts and even rompers.

I have managed, with Leila and Masami’s encouragement, to bring more decorative items to spruce up our home. I agreed to do so, as I felt it could add more life to our existing accomplishments together.

The two also have a lot of shoes. I only have three pairs myself, but, well, even female dolls love having a lot of shoes.

My lovelies also wanted to include a batch of their favorite games they both enjoy playing together. They both know that I can’t always play these games with them, but they never stop asking if I want to play with them too.

I remain feeling totally blessed having Leila and Masami in my life. They provide comfort for me to be myself by simply them being who they are.

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