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Leila's Room Update

Tomorrow is exactly three months that Leila has been with me, and in our home. I continue to crave even more months with her in the future, hoping that I get to be that lucky. My focus on her at this very minute, has not dropped below one-hundred percent.

I have also been lucky in acquiring more clothing for her, and becoming more polished as to her exact sizes.

Leila has become proof to me of something I have never known:

Perpetual amazement.

Recently, Leila was disturbed by a nasty comment. Against my wishes, Leila wanted to respond to the comment and summarily to any future nasty comments from viewers of ChaXen in her own way.

Leila also wanted to make it clear about what she thinks of herself:

Leila’s room has truly evolved since the first post of her room in an earlier blog post. This is not limited to just more clothing, but also more jewelry, design placements, and new comforting props.

If you have seen the previous blog “Leila’s Audit”, you will know that she only had two drawers of clothing. She has now conquered the third drawer.

Leila was inspired to name the title of the following short photo-shoot:

“Sassy Pants”

I love it, and I love Leila:

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