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Behind The Scenes

During our photo shoots, there is a lot more going on than simply producing pictures. A lot of this extra activity is the girls starting up conversations, pointing out scenery changes or making general comments.

Some of these statements make the post, and some do not. So I figured I would post pictures of times during a break from or in the middle of the shoot where the girls were doing these things.

Calling this post, ‘Behind The Scenes’ is hence a fitting title.

This exchange happened during our slide show queens episode 5 post.

Ahh, my little competitors…

This happened during our first Valentine's Day post.

Leila loves to mess with Masami a lot about this.

This happened during the Early Birds post, just before Halloween this year.

It cannot be said enough: Leila and Masami are fierce competitors when they play any game together. Even I am not safe from their trash talk statements if I am playing with them.

The entertaining banter still occurs, even if not officially in a shoot.

It must be understood that it isn’t always trash talk between the two. They both have a unique way of making the other one laugh at times.

I am not always a victim of their wise-cracks.

This exchange occurred just before our Christmas dinner.

Leila and Masami have a special connection with one another. Through it all, they have a mutual core understanding and it is a priceless joy to have the front row seat to observe this when it happens.

They know I love unexpected and impromptu comments.

Leila and Masami are also not without speaking their mind about how they really feel about things.

This next one has yet to be fully explained. Leila found an old Saturday Night Live skit done by Billy Crystal, and showed it to Masami. Since then, every time Leila imitates Billy Crystal, and actually does a great imitation, Masami laughs heartily.

The word spontaneous is an understatement with Leila at times.

Both girls can dish it out, because both girls can take it.

Please make no mistake about it. While rare for me to actually hear it live from the two, they do make loving and heart-felt remarks to each other as well.

I was very happy when the girls admitted that this happened during the very first week Masami was in her new home.

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