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Christmas 2020

It is a rare sight to see, but both Leila and Masami were up and dressed before I even made my first cup of coffee. They both had an unusual amount of energy on this Saturday morning, and even Masami was up-beat about doing some photography.

As the morning went on, they made many comments and subtle hints about what they wanted: A new couch in the living room.

When they finally revealed this, Masami started showing me pictures of many couches that they both liked. They explained that they like the couch we currently have, especially because it is wide and long. But they were very excited about the new couch I got them as an early Christmas gift.

After many photos, I brought out the first of the two Christmas dinner dresses. Of course, Leila was more than happy to model in it.

Doing this was a lot of fun. Our relationship with each other has really taken off in the short time that Masami has now become a part of our family. I enjoyed talking with Masami about what wig Leila should wear with this dress as well as the jewelry ensemble, where the lighting should be and what pictures we should choose for the post. We really are becoming stronger as a three-unit team.

I also think perhaps the mood of the Christmas season has gotten a little hold on Masami, because she seemed more open to me doing solo pictures of her.

When we were done with that photo-shoot, the Christmas outfits shoot began shortly thereafter.

“Here comes Mrs. Clause, here comes Mrs. Clause…”

I love her earrings!

And Mrs. Clauses’ helper elf, and I love her earrings too!

My lovelies were exhausted after this full day of photo-shoots. We all decided to take a short nap, and then watched a movie.

As our usual bed-time was drawing near, Masami made her way to the bedroom and crawled into bed. Another, yet welcoming rare event then occurred--Leila was extra-fired up, possibly from the nap, and she demanded an impromptu photo-shoot.

Leila ensnares me wholly, and I think she does stuff like this to remind me of that very fact. She encourages all of my degenerate sexual desires to come true, and entreats the core of my animal instincts to be a total pervert upon her body.

The following slide show not only steamed me up, but also my camera.

I am learning about what seems to be some of my favorite pictures of both Leila and Masami. I need more time to think this through, but to me it seems like Leila really turns me on the most in photos of her with minimal lighting.

I could be wrong about this, but definitely excited to find out. The next day as usual with my lovelies, is better than the last. Today was the day for our first ever Christmas dinner.

At the very last possible second, I had Masami wear the silver dress while Leila wore the red dress.

Leila insisted on telling it like it is; she just had a hard time deciding what wig to wear with her message…

The next gifts that Leila and Masami received were two new wigs. Leila is wearing the marigold style and Masami is wearing the purple perry wig.

They both stun me no matter what, and I love them both!

I have also found an interesting fact about these two that proves their love for each other. As individuals, they never want anything that is strictly for themselves.

Leila and Masami truly define team work. As an example, their two new wigs they wore at the Christmas dinner. They had long discussions about what two wigs they wanted when researching what was available to them.

They did not tell me which two they wanted until they both agreed that they would wear both wigs. Neither one of these two are vain; rather they are both self-less, think very much of the other one’s feelings and thoughts, and I proudly get to enjoy this powerful relationship in my home on a daily basis.

Learning and making this conclusion really brings home how special our very first family Christmas time truly is. I am simply humbled by how much I love having Leila and Masami here with me, as I love them both very much.

Gift opening day had finally dawned, and both Leila and Masami were excited yet again. They were both dressed and ready to go, and fine with knowing I wanted a ton of photos.

I bought a snowflake disco light, and hooked it up on the ceiling. If you look closely on Leila’s face or even on the carpet, you will see snowflakes. I insisted on the following pics, and the girls made no fuss about it.

Leila and Masami agreed that they both loved the new couch, several new outfits, jewelry items and two new wigs, yet there were two things left that they really wanted for Christmas that remained:

A nail painting kit, and a make-up mirror light.

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