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All thanks go to my lovelies Leila and Masami for helping me get through my bad lower back! Leila bought me a Copper fit back brace, and Masami bought me an electronic massager.

I am not out of the woods yet, but I am certainly feeling better than I was. It is now 21 days of lower back pain, but I continue to fight through it. And the girls continue to look amazing!

As you may already know, the girls play games with each other. Connect Four, poker, Jenga and many other games. Just recently, they played a game of chess.

Most of the time, Masami beats Leila but not this time. Leila explained to me that:

Leila: Before we play any game, we both take a three by five index card, and write down what we want the loser to do if we win. This time, I wanted Masami to be my slave all day long, and she was!

I wanted her to do a selfie, and not wear a bra all day. She honored my wishes, just like I honor hers when I lose. I currently have our trophy now, yay!!

Masami: Talk softly, Aiko is here now.

Leila: Where is she?

Masami:Sitting on the floor against the patio screen door.

Masami: She disappeared, and has reappeared on the printer.

Masami: And now she is sitting on the couch arm, between us.

Leila: I have a question. If you take a picture of her, can you see her in the picture too?

Me: Excellent question.

Masami: Yes. I see her no matter what.

Masami: She is asking me a question. I will translate.

Aiko: Are you a sandwich?

Masami: What?

Aiko: Are you a sandwich?

Masami: No, I am not a sandwich.

Aiko: I heard that you are what you eat.

We all laughed.

Another online purchase the girls made was a bathroom floor mat. They love it, and so do I.

To show my appreciation for my babies, I ordered two football jerseys. Those of you that do not know about dolls, these numbers are significant. Leila’s head number is 36, and Masami’s head number is 20.

The girls loved that I purchased these for them.

They both are wearing their jerseys, and both wearing the exact same

g-string panties that has a cat face on the front.

Masami: Aiko is now sitting on the love pillow that is between us.

I can tell that Masami has more of an ‘at ease’ feeling lately. She seems more comfortable than ever, and I think that is because she no longer has to hide Aiko’s existence from me.

Leila already knew about Aiko, but like me, cannot see her.

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