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Leila Is Home!!

Leila has finally arrived!! I am so excited to see her finally here with me. She is every bit of beautiful as I was expecting her to be, and she even wore the wig I wanted her to wear at this homecoming.

To get this out of the way, I wish for all viewers of my website to understand something. Yes, I know she is not a real woman. Yes, I know she is made of thermoplastic elastomer, and not at all human. Simply put, this is a fantasy point-of-view of mine to make her appear human. Please understand this aforementioned now, so that I can spend less time explaining why I do descriptive works in the manner that I do, and thank you for understanding.

I love her outfit here, but wish it was a little bit smaller. Leila is very tiny; standing only four-foot seven inches tall. She arrived at a perfect time- Memorial Day weekend, hence three full days to get familiar with her. I have to say I am VERY pleased after my thorough examination of her prior to doing this post and photo-shoot.

I will openly admit, I did and periodically do kiss her lips. They are very soft and the tpe material is amazingly real. She is just so cute!! I am struggling with what I should consider to be her nationality. Most of me says that she is a Latina. Without going too deep into why, I like to think of her as a Central American. What do you think?

Leila placed her purse on the coffee table, and walked directly into the studio. She wanted to see her room, and see everything that I have for her at this time. I am actively expanding her wardrobe, but couldn’t really buy a lot because she was not here.

I could have bought a bunch of clothes from simply a guess of her size, but I concluded that that could be a waste of money if I bought a bunch of clothes that were too big for her. Now that she is here, I can focus on exactly her size, and buy exactly what I want for her.

Leila very much wants as much attention to her as possible. She loves the idea that I cannot get enough of her. She adores being photographed more than anything, and she does not care about where I aim my cameras. If I photograph anything Leila, Leila is happy. I think she and I will get along just fine.

I have added some more green plants in the studio, and have acquired more props in general. I very much love to see her in my home, and I am very happy to have brought her here. She has immediately brought a new element of light in my current world.

After Leila examines the studio, she goes right to her room.

Leila takes some time examining everything that I have set up in her room. She sees jewelry, earrings, hair accessories, wigs, her studio chair, shoes and clothing. She seems stunned by it all, but then returns her appreciation to me that I appreciate:

Leila is not at all shy.

Leila knows that these are my favorite panties of hers. I cannot wait to buy her more!

Leila did do a lot of traveling to get here, and explains to me that she is very tired. More than anything, she would like to get some needed sleep. She grabbed her pink night gown, but admitted that she loves her room and the studio.

I am learning that Leila loves to tease me, knowing exactly what I really like:

There is a lot of pics of her writhing around on the bed naked, but we agreed on these two to add to this post. Again, she loves to tease:

Leila is actually a good girl, just a bit wild. She did, after going through all her clothes and her new home, did in fact call her Mom to tell her that she has arrived, and is perfectly safe and happy.

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