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Leila's First Fourth

One of the biggest of reasons for my interest in choosing Leila is because of her love for the United States of America. While growing up in the nation of Belize, Leila had heard many stories about America. That it truly was the greatest nation ever conceived, and was full of opportunity and most importantly freedom in its best possible form.

Leila understands not only what made our nation great, but also has a solid understanding of our nation’s short-comings. What she doesn’t understand is the idea of reparations, and the concept of suing innocent people over the sins of their ancestors.

In her view, black people should be thankful they live the U.S., and not in the continent of Africa where slavery, persecution and blatant rape of women currently exists. If American black people want to sue over the past, then they should sue their own people that sold their ancestors to the white man. “If people want to sue anybody over slavery, then everyone needs to sue themselves”.

Sometimes, Leila does wake up in a, ‘mood’. She is fired up this morning because this is the very first time she gets to celebrate the Fourth of July on American soil.

Leila has seen plenty of fireworks being lit before; even at times during her work at the theater. But she had never seen them lit on U.S. soil, and she wasn’t interested in having that opportunity ruined by listening to people who seek only to destroy her new nation and home of which she loves.

"Take the picture, time for me to take a shower".

After her shower, Leila made our coffee. She usually lets me take care of that, but she wanted to do it today. Leila very much loves all holidays, so she wanted to take charge here on the day of the birth of our country.

Leila and I had a good day. We watched several movies and did some house cleaning and studio set-up work. She had never seen the movie, “The Patriot” and liked it very much.

As the sun began to go down, we heard fireworks being lit outside. Leila became excited, and rushed to the patio door to watch.

Leila prefers to watch fireworks in the dark, so she sat back down on the couch, and watched tv.

When it finally did get dark, the fireworks were overwhelming. Leila had no idea that she would see fireworks being lit from everywhere she looked. She did not know that there would be so much from the people themselves rather than just an official fireworks show.

Unfortunately for me, I was very unprepared, so the following pics from the balcony are fuzzy because I tried very hard to take pics with her and fireworks exploding at the same time.

Leila I think over-all, had a great day and night. She wanted to do some pics in the studio to end this post. She did all of the studio design, and I simply enjoyed her doing so.

Leila continues to be a great and enjoyable element to my life.

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