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Seven Days

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Leila: Heyz everyone, I am sorry I am so late to Selfie Sunday! Masami, thank you for stepping up and filling in for me!

Well, you all may already know that me and Chazy have been; well, a bit busy these last four days. With that said, we hope you will grant us seven more days for our next, and hopefully very good post!

We love you all, and continue to be very thankful for all of your kind words and support of myself, Masami, my Chazy and of course, Aiko-Rose!

We will see you in seven days, everyone!

Hugz N Kisses!!!

Leila: Shhh everyone! Masami is asleep, and I just found this in her files, and it is called, "We Love Selfies". She is not done with it yet, but I think it is great!

If the video pauses, open it up in a new window!

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