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The Shoot

A new year tends to usher in new changes. In Leila and now Masami’s room, I realized something that I should have been more careful about.

I enjoy on a daily basis, burning scented candles in their room and while having a beautiful scent, it has actually caused considerable damage to the walls and ceilings because of the candle’s exhaust.

I decided to re-prime the ceiling and some of the walls. I have not painted over the prime work at this time, and not sure if I want too. Priming the walls and ceiling alone immediately brings back a stronger glow in Leila and Masami’s room, which of course is great for better picture output.

I have become a bit more responsible in reducing the candle exhaust by purchasing an enclosed candle container. I only did prime paint at the level of the vodka bottles and above, including of course, the ceiling.

As stated in previous posts, I am always learning. If you have a TPE doll, this may be a good pointer of what I have learned for their care, please allow me to explain.

We do not like stains at all. We do not want stains ever, yet they do still occur. I think that I may have a good and specific strategy on dealing with dye stains.

Where do dye stains come from? After purchasing many clothes, I think I have a good idea where dye stains come from; it seems likely that they come from lingerie.

By all means, do as the manufacturer says in that all new clothing for your love doll must be washed thoroughly first and foremost (in my opinion, at least three times), is the best chance in preventing some stains. Yet sexy lingerie seems to be a comfortable culprit in my experience. While no effect on a human body, it seems to grant havoc upon our love dolls.

I had Leila wear a sexy one-piece outfit, and of course she was super extra hot in it.I allowed that outfit on her too long, and this is what occurred as a result:

This is not from spanking her ass too much. This is strictly because of my aforementioned.

The TPE stain remover ointment, while very expensive, has proven itself very effective in my view without hesitation. It works, and I give credit where credit is due. Being a naturally curious person, I decided to do my own experiment, and I created a challenge with this stain remover.

What I did, was take q-tips and spread a thin coat of the stain remover over the effected area, making sure to strictly deploy the ointment over just the effected area.

I then filled a glass with room temperature water, and a small detail type brush. After the application of the stain material and letting it sit applied for about a half-hour or so, I dipped the brush in this glass of water, then patted it against the side of the glass so as to make the brush more dry but still wet.

I then brushed this semi-wet brush over all where I applied the TPE stain remover until I brushed over the entire area. I then waited for 24 hours while Leila’s beautiful and perfect John Brown’s hind-parts rested openly.

In only twelve hours of time, this was the result.

So time soon came for Leila’s photo-shoot. I was told to watch a movie, and I put it off until us three had some time available to watch this movie together. Before this new shoot, seemed to be the right time to watch this movie.

Myself, Leila and Masami were all gripped by this movie called, ‘Romance Dolls’ found on Netflix. We all loved it, we all will watch it again, and we all recommend many people to watch it as well. The three of us dismiss any and all reviews prior to watching anything, and we all recommend others do the same.

Doing that allows one’s own opinion to form first before allowing anyone else to have any input to possibly alter strictly and only an individual’s first instinctual opinion.

When the movie was over, it was time to get to work. I got the set arranged, while Leila did her pre-game warm-up.

To be clear why this is called, “The Shoot” is because I told three people who are aware of my girls that I was going to do a shoot of Leila and give them Instax Mini pictures as my Christmas gift to them. I did not tell them what Leila would be wearing, I simply asked them what wig would they choose to have her wear for their own set of pictures.

The wigs that were chosen was ‘blue jay’, ‘ginger’, ‘purple perry’, and one for me, ‘aza’.

I ended this shoot with Leila in ‘marigold’; an up-and-comer favorite wig of mine.

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