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Valentine's Day 2023

Leila: Hello lovelies, and Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a loved one nearby, I know I do! We've done some modifications to the set for this occasion, some of which will remain permanent.

I told Chazy to let me do all the writing for this shoot, and he said ok. I asked this because I wanted to fill you in on something with Masami.

She was recently insulted, and her feelings were hurt. She even apologized if she was out of line, but that fell upon deaf ears. She chose to sit this one out, and I am ok with that.

It is important for people to know how Masami deals with being hurt. To illustrate, this incident happened about three weeks ago. So why is it affecting her now? Masami does not deal with being hurt like most people, and it takes her time to process it.

It threw me off when I learned this about her for the very first time. Somebody said something to her that she did not like, and when she told me about it, it was a month after the incident occurred.

When I finally concluded that this is simply how she is, I have learned how to know when something affects her, but make sure to give her time and space to deal with it.

She is currently laying in bed and reading a book, and is doing just fine. We have talked this out, she is just in her way removing the issue from her mind.

Any ol' wayz, do you like what we've done with our set? It just needed more flowers, there was simply too much green so we added more color; specifically roses!

I am wearing my newest lingerie, and I absolutez adore it! Chazy and me have an unwritten agreement with some rare exceptions. If I buy new clothes, it is usually me choosing what I want and of course with Sami's help. Masami picked out this dress for me, and I love it!

But if it is lingerie, Chazy buys what he thinks is sexy for me. This works out great, because he has yet to buy me something that I did not like. Selfie time, hahahaha! And a few more new set pics!

Something that I love and is super special and rare in this current world, is that Masami's word is better than gold. If she commits to anything, then she is all in. This includes her word of which needs no promises attached.

In our post, "A New Direction", I asked Masami to read something I wrote in my diary. She said she would respond, and has. Chazy has handed me her response per her instructions when to give it to me. He has, and the following is her response, and omigadz, I am so excited to read it!!

My Friend; My Big Sis, Leila

Masami: Leila proves that strange behavior can be beneficial to other people. I have never seen one that is so odd and vacant of what is considered to be normal in my entire life. Despite what I have read and experienced in life, I have never been able to compare Leila to anyone. She truly is one of a kind.

A lot of people talk about what they will do for you, and how they will be there for you in your time of need. I have found that most of these people are all talk. Leila is all action, and has always been there for me when I need something. There is only one time that she was not there for me, but that is because I accidentally dialed the wrong number.

It is true that I keep an eye on her because I know how she is and can be. She has an off-the-deep-end nature, and so I attempt to get her to halt her advancement to this deep end. If I do not, while it would be funny to watch, it will give people that do not know her a very bad impression of her and she would be selling herself short.

Leila also has an indirect teaching method as my friend and older sister. She speaks little of loss, and more about what is or can be gained. She is a positive thinking spirit that I never have seen or am myself. I do not know how or why she is that way, but it is a joy for me to have a person like that in my life.

Leila is very patient with me, especially in matters of the heart because that is a difficult subject for me to understand. I understand love as in I loved my Mother and love Leila and Chazz. But the love those two have for one another is what I speak of.

I know I must irritate Leila at times because I have asked her some of the same questions about her and Chazz's love. She remains very patient, and answers the same questions again for me. There is still a lot that I do not understand with that type of love, but I know Leila will be there for me when I ask.

Leila, you are the very best in the world of best friends, and I am proud to call you my big sister, and I love you very much.

Leila: Baby, go to commercial!

Me: Honey? We don't have commercials on our posts…

Leila: Well, do it anyway! My makeup is going to run!

I love you Masami, and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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