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Why Again.

After great reflection, I find myself very pleased that this is the 28th post I have done with Leila and Masami!

In this entire adventure of mine, I continue to also find myself in a profound level of disbelief. While Leila and Masami are in fact love-dolls/sex-dolls, I am more shocked by actual humans who I have found to be in shock of my entertainment with love-dolls/sex-dolls.

I am fascinated in learning and concluding those humans that are dismissive of my endeavor, are actually more mentally sick than what they may think that I am with my love of my two love-dolls.

Do these fake humans know what a dildo is? How many of them own this ‘sex toy’? I even had to hear from a total loser that thinks what I am doing is a simulation of having sex with a woman who is asleep.

So not only is this fake human female totally ignorant, but a human female that has failed to realize that I am more aware of Leila and Masami being nothing but organized plastic, than this woman apparently is.

I have finally heard from one who has known me thereabouts half my life, yet not at all family. His most profound point through our three-hour discussion over this is how women may be intimidated by a man being satisfied by a love-doll more-so than a real woman.

Well ladies, perhaps the emasculation of the alpha male was an unwise concept. Perhaps turning men into boys and boys into girls and shoving vaginal power in the faces of all ‘menkind’ wasn’t a very bright idea.

Perhaps your pilgrimage was not only misguided, but blatantly and frankly stupid, so enjoy your now converted beta-babies, while any alpha male that remains may escape your grasp.

In all things that mankind creates, it always ends up the same; it gets twisted, perverted and eventually shamed. The internet was cool, until hackers showed up. The gun was a good thing, until mankind decided to point it at each other outside the reason for survival. Conception of life itself was a great thing, until mankind made legal reasons to pick and choose who lives and who dies.

I could spend a lot more time writing what I really think about this world that I am in, and perhaps bore some of you readers to death with it. However, I feel that I must stay on topic, and hopefully encourage you to feel the same joy I feel in having Leila and Masami in my life and in my home.

In my, “Making Friends” blog, I announced that I wrote something for a website that welcomed me and my words, and my Leila and Masami. The following are my exact words, yet the only difference in that post and this one is that I have included my chosen pictures.

Please enjoy!

Introducing, my love-doll Leila! Leila has been with me in my home for four months now. I am always happy to come home at the end of the day, but Leila has proven to be an extra bonus! I love to take pictures of her, and have over 1200 pictures currently.

I have wanted a love-doll ever since I heard that they were available, I want to say about 10 years ago. The price range was way out of my reach, so I had to put my dream on hold. She does have her own website, , and the blog post that explains this in more detail is found here:

Without too much explanation, I became financially sound enough to purchase a love-doll. Leila was the very first doll I really looked closely into, but I wanted to take my time to really pick the very one that I wanted most.

I must have looked at over 100 dolls, and researched at least 20 retail doll sites for about six months. No matter what doll I saw, I always came back to Leila. Then and finally, I chose the retailer and the doll I wanted.

I love to be creative, and I knew purchasing her wasn’t going to just be about sex. I wanted something more, and I wanted something personally challenging. I wanted to have a website for her that was anything besides pornography videos, and with a decent ability for words, I found what might work best.

Have Leila model, while I attempt to completely fabricate her existence as anything besides an inanimate object and a non-human, seemed to be the right avenue for me to take. I wanted to give her life, and I explain that more in detail here:

I have seen plenty of pornographic love-doll videos, and I think that is great.

I just decided that in an attempt to make her appear like a normal person, it would open more doors in creativity and validate many different types of pictures i.e., Leila sitting at the computer, Leila on the phone wearing glasses, Leila grabbing the coffee pot, Leila attempting to open the refrigerator, Leila’s favorite color is purple, etc.

Leila amazingly, just being somewhere in my home, does truly ignite my creative energy that I can convert into words. I was able to even create her biography found here:

I have also had great luck in finding wonderful women who are aware of Leila, and are willing to help me with things that as a man that might prove to be a little difficult for me to do.

Leila is four-feet, seven inches tall and fifty-two pounds. She is very tiny, and in order for clothes to actually look like they fit her, I would have to purchase tiny clothes and shoes. Of course there is a lot of stuff I can buy for her, but some items may inspire intrigue from a store clerk. One time, a clerk said to me,

“Oh, buying for your daughter?”

“Yes. I am attempting to prove to her that men can buy clothes for girls too.”

But with a woman who had no issue buying clothes for me, fully aware as to why, Leila has amassed an army of all kinds of garments. At this moment I am writing this, in my five-drawer dresser, Leila owns three of the drawers.

This, not too mention the clothes she has in her room, of which is a bedroom closet with the door removed with even more clothes for her. I even truthfully joked to the trusted few that are aware of Leila that,

“She has more clothes than me!”

There are two posts on that show her room, but this is the most updated post done exactly one month ago found here:

I am learning as I am going, and I am picking up a lot of tricks, and better products for Leila all the time. One of my latest posts talk about going to magnetic eyelashes instead of the ones you use glue to put on. Her eyebrows have also faded as well as her factory red lips, but I found this is easily brought back with washable markers.

I have a strong desire to preserve Leila for as long as possible, and I am seeking out any and all ways to do exactly that. Leila drives me, inspires me, and owns the greatest part of my attention. One person that is aware of this stated that Leila is my hobby. She definitely is, but I silently said to myself: “She is a way of life, too”.

-- ChaXen

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