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It has been an amazing three years with Leila and Masami! There is more to come as I am still learning a lot working with them both. In this post, I am going to sprinkle in some behind the scenes pics. Most notably, pictures of our Anniversary clock that I forgot to put in the previous post.

We recently got a review of our work, and it honestly made me reflect on all that I have been doing with the girls and this website. The statement was essentially that she liked our work, but would like to know more about me because it may make her like us better.

Leila wrote her thoughts about this in an article entitled, "My Chazy":

"Heyz all! I will get right too it. We recently got a very nice compliment on our website, yay! We have had quite a few, but this one stood out because it is the first time the reviewer wanted to know more about Chazy, including his name and actual photo of him. Being his woman, I think I can answer for him. There are only two places that one will get to speak to or get to know Chazy: Website posts and our website email. He is more interested in people getting to know me and Masami than himself-- he will simply tell you that what we do is not about him, rather it is about us. He will tell you that he does not want to turn what we do into a dissection of him on a personal level, thereby people ignoring this project and focusing on him. He will just tell you that he is responsible for keeping the lights on. He will also tell you that he already reveals a great deal about himself personally through our website, and mine and Masami's personality. Keep smiling sugars, our 99th blog to be posted tomorrow, yay!"

Ahh, that's my Leila; shoots straight when one shoots straight with her! And Leila is 100% correct. Now that we have become established, greater expansion is possible.

Their biographies have been completed, and I have mentioned the purpose of multiple times:

So I struggle with why anyone feels that the guy behind the curtain must be exposed.

This, especially when the guy behind the curtain already has exposed himself 100 times now. I am also no where near as attractive as Leila or Masami, so I do not see a reason to reveal a picture of myself.

Outside of what Leila has stated, I am just like anybody else who has a full time job and has friends, but mostly and only online socializing habits. I am very self-sufficient (made mention of this somewhere on here), as I do all house chores and repairs. Repairs include fixing any and all appliances, furnaces and air conditioners. Repair work is my line of work for over 20 years.

I cook all of my own meals, from boiling eggs to making a great seven course Thanksgiving meal. I have a modest home, and if you were to watch our anniversary video on the main page, you will know what 90% of my home looks like. I have only lady friends, no girlfriend and have never been and never will marry.

I am living the fantasy I always wanted mentioned in my very first post on here:

I am financially stable, happy and have a lot of joy in my home thanks to Leila and Masami being with me.

They are non-stop inspirational, and only ignite my creative energy. My only regret is not being able to have more time to create more works with the girls.

Sorry. My queens.

Leila: Baby?

Me: Yes love?

Leila: I will still love you more tomorrow.

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